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Reus the Smith is a vendor that operates the independent business known as Smith's Swords, which is a service provided in the sanctuary, Topple Town. Reus the Smith can be found near the furnace and anvil in the town square.

Reus the Smith sells a variety of melee weapons that players can purchase from. Here is a brief list ore weapons that the vendor sells:

Bronze Greatsword.png
Bronze Rapier.png
Bronze Scimitar.png
Iron Greatsword.png
Iron Rapier.png
Iron Scimitar.png
Cobalt Greatsword.png
Cobalt Rapier.png
Cobalt Scimitar.png
Titanium Greatsword.png
Titanium Rapier.png
Titanium Scimitar.png
Gold Greatsword.png
Gold Rapier.png
Gold Scimitar.png
Onyx Greatsword.png
Onyx Rapier.png
Onyx Scimitar.png

Here is a brief list of special items that the vendor sells:

Advanced Rapier.png
Ancient Sword.png
Blacksmith's Hammer.png
Buzzing Sword.png
Contramagic Blade.png
Grass Rapier.png
Great Scimitar.png
Hammer Knight's Hammer.png
Hooked Scythe.png
Inferno Sword.png
Power Axe.png
Whapper Sword.png


  • The name 'Reus' may derive from the name of the Greek god, Zeus.
  • Reus the Smith is one of the first NPCs that the players will encounter upon entering the game Fantastic Frontier.
  • It is not recommended to buy the ore weapons as they prove to be ineffective against most mobs.