• Alias: Redman, Red Barbarian, Matumada Barbarian, Enraged Barbarian, Barbarian


The Redman can be found on the island of Matumada, often seen roaming around the open plains of the island or on the coastlines. It is likely possible that they are distant relatives of the Yellowman and the Blueman that isolated themselves away from the Frontier.

The Redman is described as a red orc-like humanoid figure with red coral-like horns protruding from its head. It also possesses a medium-sized stubby nose and a large long axe equipped on its right hand. Its attire is composed of several straps made from what appears to be gray hides and cloths, gray shoulder pads, and a pair of gray shorts.


There are three attacks that the Redman can perform:

  • Chop - Attempts to chop the player's head off with its axe.
  • Slice and Dice - Spins around in a circular motion in an attempt to hit the player multiple times.
  • Swing - Swings its axe at the players.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Redman. Any claims of "missing items" that the Redman could drop will be cast aside as false information.

  • 100% chance for Barbaric Seal
  • 75% chance for Ruby
    • 4% chance for another Ruby
    • 2% chance for another Ruby
    • 1% chance for another Ruby
  • 30% chance for Red Pincers
    • 20% chance for another pair of Red Pincers
  • 20% chance for Mandibles
    • 15% chance for another pair of Mandibles
    • 1% chance for another pair of Mandibles


  • The Redman was introduced during the Spring Update.
  • The weapon it uses appears to be a primitive version of the Power Axe.
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