The Red Farmer is one of the three grandsons of Granny Fields located at Farm Fortress, the other grandsons being the Blue Farmer and the Yellow Farmer. The NPC can be found sitting on a bench located in the Awoken Croc Carl's inn.

The Red Farmer plays an essential role in the Farm Fortress Defense Quest, serving as one of three objective carriers that players would participate in while performing the quest. The objective that the Red Farmer tasks the players with is to collect an Apple, an item that is often dropped by Apple Bats.

As his title implies, the Red Farmer is a farmer in red attire.

List of Dialogues

Completion of Farm Fortress Defense Quest

  • "HOHO! AN APPLE! Now that's what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot kid."
  • "HOHO! Why are you still looking at me? Working? UH HOHO. A farmer's gotta digest kid."
  • "Digestion. Hoho. Yeah that could take awhile."


  • The Red Farmer is slacking off by sitting in an inn waiting for food that will never come to him. Ever.
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