Red dragonbird2

The Red Dragonbird

The Red Dragonbird Feather is one of the many feathers that can be obtained in the Frontier. They are naturally obtained from the Red Dragonbird species. The Red Dragonbirds are occasionally seen resting on the trees of The Rolling Road, as well as other forested areas. It is also commonly reported to be seen in the Rabbit Hole. They can be distinguished from other red birds based on the fact that it looks like it received an allergic reaction of some sorts.


In appearance, the Red Dragonbird Feather is a red feather with several dark red spots found all over its vanes. Besides that, not much can be said about its appearance.

It is possible for players to exchange Red Dragonbird Feathers for gold during Slayer's Tasks if the task card is currently active. Besides that, the Red Dragonbird Feather can be sold to a vendor at a price of 5,000 gold.


  • Despite its placement in the Itempedia, the Red Dragonbird Feather is one of the more difficult feathers to obtain based on the fact that it is rarely seen in the Frontier.
  • And despite its rarity and difficulty to obtain, it only sells for a meager 5,000 gold.
  • Red Dragonbirds may sometimes drop a Ruby upon death.
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