Red Ant Cove is a large, reddish-brown mound home to the Red Ants and Little Ants. Red Ant Cove borders only one body of water, that being Pebble Bay, and is partially encompassed by The Deep Forest and Greenhorn Grove. Large chunks of red rocks are scattered across the area, as well as several pale trees, dens, and tunnels dug by the red ants.

Red Ant Cove only has one notable 'landmark' within its territories, that being a room hidden underground where George can be found, locked in an iron cage. This can be accessed by finding a small hole in one of the surface tunnels, or by searching for an entrance along the shores of Pebble Bay.


The only bird sighted in Red Ant Cove is the Blackbird and the only fungus that thrives in the region are the Bobber Mushroom and Grugbug Mushroom. Little Ants and Red Ants is the only mobs indigenous to the region. Any other mobs seen in Red Ant Cove are considered 'newcomers' or 'invasive species' that have since made itself home among the ants.




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