Red Ant Cove is a medium-sized area that can be found in the Frontier. Like its name implies, the Red Ant Cove is a coastal inlet, also known as a cove. The lands are comprised of anthills, as well as several red rocks and pale-looking trees scattered on certain parts of the zone. The Red Ant Cove borders two zones, Greenhorn Grove and The Deep Forest respectively. Its coastline is Pebble Bay.

There are two noteworthy 'landmarks' found in the zone.

  1. Anthills are the main component of the zone, practically being the main geographical feature of the entire zone. There are many passageways, tunnels, and dens found throughout the anthills, each containing rubies to mine.
  2. George's Room is an underground room that can be found and accessed through one of the tunnelways located underneath the anthills of Red Ant Cove. Once the players are able to find the room, George can be seen trapped in an iron cage. Players can interact with the NPC to purchase George's Spicy Chicken.

Overall, Red Ant Cove is one of the few map areas that are rarely visited by most players, although there are some occasions where the players arrive to the zone in order to farm rubies and/or ants.


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