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The Ratboy Morph Ring is a ring equipment that can only be obtained via purchasing it with Robux in the Fantastic Frontier's gamepass store.

As of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, it is one of the two items that can only be obtained via gamepass, the other one being the Magic Radio.

It serves as an item that transforms the wielder into Ratboy, hiding all of their equipment, armor, clothing, and/or their nametag. Weapons and tools are not affected by the transformation upon activating the effect of the ring.

There are two ways to purchase the Ratboy Morph Ring:

  • Going to the Robux Shop (hotkey P)
  • Going to the Stores section on the Fantastic Frontier's Roblox page.

If the player attempts to sell the Ratboy Morph Ring to a selling vendor, it will result in the loss of the ring with no gold in return. Fortunately, this can be obtained again by interacting with the Pig in Topple Town, spitting it out and add their lost ring to their inventories. If the player drops it, the same advice applies.


The Ratboy Morph Ring is often considered to be a "scam" to some players mainly due to the fact that it does not provide any special perks other than transforming into Ratboy and being sold at a selling price of 0 gold.

Other players argue against this by saying that the people who are supposedly "scammed" already knew what the Ratboy Morph Ring does, thus resulting in the players who were "scammed" a very uninformed customer. In other words, they did not think through it carefully as they purchase it.


  • Wearing the Spider Stilts with the Ratboy Morph Ring would result in the player to appear as if they are floating in mid-air. This is due to the fact that all equipment are invisible (excluding weapons and tools) and the Spider Stilts making the player taller, thus removing the stilts and making it appear that way.
  • Its effect is still applied whether or not it is worn in the equipment slot or the vanity slot.