The Ratboy Handgun is one of the many weapons that can be acquired in the Nightmare. It can be purchased from the Frog in the Waiting Room at a price of 25,000,000 gold. It can also be obtained as a possible reward from the Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon.

In appearance, the Ratboy Handgun resembles a modern semi-automatic handgun with all the mechanical parts required to function, though there is no need to change the magazine after shooting.

The Ratboy Handgun, like all other firearms, uses Bullets as its primary ammunition and spends 2 stamina per shot. It is capable of firing roughly faster than one round per second. Thanks to the high damage it boasts, the handgun is the most efficient way to use bullets when dealing with single targets. Similar to rifles, the player can utilize the scope mechanic, right-clicking to gain extra zoom on far-away targets.

The special ability of the Ratboy Handgun is titled 'Divine Shot', which, upon activation, spends no stamina and several seconds to conjure a bullet with divine energy, shooting a single target for increased damage without spending ammunition. In addition, enemies that have been reduced to 10% of their health or less are instantly killed when hit with a Divine Shot. The special ability's cooldown lasts for 14 seconds before it can be used again.


The Ratboy's Handgun has very high DPS. It also has the highest base damage of any ranged weapon in the game making it a great choice for rangers looking to maximize their potential power.

The special ability is great as it can save you time and bullets when killing mobs with high amounts of hp. However, this tends to be very situational as for the most part players will be killing their targets in only a few shots and won't need to be using the special skill.

You should definitely consider buying this weapon regardless as it is very strong. It has all the strengths of its previous ranged weapons with a better firerate and a unique special ability. Not to mention the higher base damage and the bonus included with all ranged weapons like increased engagement range. Consider adding this to your arsenal ASAP.


  • The Ratboy Handgun's appearance may be based on an M1911 pistol.
  • The Ratboy Handgun can be seen wielded by the Ratboy in the Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon.
  • As of the Nightmare Boss Update, it is currently the second-most expensive ranged weapon in-game, behind the Gnome Rocket Launcher.
  • It is the only (ammunition-using) ranged weapon with a Special Ability that isn't an alternate attack mode.
  • Divine Shot is very effective at finishing mobs with extreme amounts of health, such as the Kingrat, Mr.58, the Democan, and The Lost.
  • It is possible to shoot incredibly fast with the Ratboy Handgun by performing the special cancel, causing the DPS of the weapon to increase by an insane amount and allowing enemies to be defeated much faster than normal.


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