Ratboy is an inhabitant that can be found in the sanctuary known as Topple Town. It is not to be confused with a morphed Ratboy (player) or with the hostile mob, Ratboy. He is specifically located in the Red Ogre Inn, particularly standing on the staircases leading up to the second floor.

He's widely known as an iconic figure for appearing in many shapes, forms, and ways:

Ratboy's name origins obviously derive from the compound words 'rat' and 'boy'. He is clearly a rat and his gender is male, suiting him as a whole.

Players can interact with Ratboy, allowing them to gain access to five standard dialogues. Here are the dialogues:

  • "Looking cool!"
  • "Best day in the world to be a rat!"
  • "In life, I prefer the Inn life!"
  • "Good luck out there!"
  • "Don't make me wave at you."

One more dialogue was added on June 29, 2018, and these were:

  • "Sometimes I...Well...


  • Ratboy can be seen waving at the "death screen" when the player dies.
  • The "Don't make me wave at you." dialog might mean that he doesn't want the player to die, as he also appears on the "death screen" waving.
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