The Rat Token is a collectible that can be seen in any zones of The Nightmare, a massive domain introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. It can practically be found anywhere, visible and obscured places. They will not spawn again if the players had collected these tokens once.


In appearance, the Rat Token is a funny-looking hexagon-shaped token with a Ratboy portrait engraved into the coin. It is clear that the Rat Tokens is made out of gold based on its color alone.


Rat Tokens can be used to acquire the Fantastic Ratboy collectible, an item that can fulfill the completion of the Itempedia of the Nightmare. This can only be obtained if the players had collected every single Rat Token there is in the zones of The Nightmare. Rat Tokens can also be used to unlock The Vault, allowing the players to access it and be benefitted from whatever the zone offers to the players.


If the players were to die, they will lose these tokens upon death. Even if the players had lost some Rat Tokens in the past and can't be acquired again, these lost tokens will count towards The Vault's completion requirement as well as the requirement to acquire the Fantastic Ratboy collectible. For instance, if the players needed 500 Rat Tokens and they lost 440 of these tokens, the only thing they need to do is to collect 60 more tokens whether they have them or not. These Rat Tokens are counted as long as they have been collected once in the zones of The Nightmare.

Video guide

Below is a video showing the location of all Rat Tokens at the current moment.

Fantastic Frontier - Ratboy's Nightmare! - ALL THE TOKENS??

Fantastic Frontier - Ratboy's Nightmare! - ALL THE TOKENS??


  • Similar to the Greater Dungeon Candies, Firefly Stones, Clown Noses, and the Lesser Dungeon Candies, the Rat Tokens will stack upon itself as more is collected.
  • If the players manage to find the cyan button and access the cyan door in The Supermarket, they will be able to access a room where 4 frogs are gambling. Up to 56 Rat Tokens can be collected from this room.
  • It is possible to see uncollectable Rat Tokens on Ollie Ozzwald's stand in Topple Town. However, this was removed on an unknown date.
  • The decal of the Rat Tokens went through numerous changes during development before the developers settled on the appearance that we now know today.
  • There are a total of 780 Rat Tokens in the entirety of the Nightmare.
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