The Rabbit Hole is a new location introduced in the 1.10 (Fishing) Update. It serves as a place for both fishing purposes, as well as a place where one or more players can rally to fight the boss known as the Parasite.

The Rabbit Hole can only be accessible via a portal that moves across the Frontier during the nighttime, similar to how the traveling shopkeepers work and move around in the Frontier. Inside the domain of the Rabbit Hole, a variety of harvestable and birds can be found in the areas.

In addition to this, there is also a fishing pool at the center, as well as a very long rope to allow the players to escape the domain of the Rabbit Hole. The fishing pool serves as the area where the boss known as the Parasite will spawn once the Frontier is cloaked by the nights. The Parasite is considered to be a challenging mob and as such, players may need the assistance of others in order to avoid its laser attacks.

In order to get out, one must interact or climb the rope that seemingly leads to nowhere. From there, they will return back to the Frontier.

List of Locations

These are the currently known locations that are listed in this article. These will mainly depict the "entrance" of the Rabbit Hole that is found in different parts of the Frontier each night. Please help this article by commenting on this article as to where it can also be found.

Location Images Details
A Frontier of Dragons
RobloxScreenShot20180309 150146471-0
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 5.53.31 PM
  • In the open 'fields' of A Frontier of Dragons, closest to the ridges/rims of The Pits
  • Near the trenches bordering between Celestial Field and A Frontier of Dragons
Abandoned Orchard
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 6.53.00 PM
Rabbit hole
  • Behind the large abandoned building
  • In the open fields
Ancient Forest
RobloxScreenShot20180310 211224818
  • Below the Ancient Bridge in the crevice below
Celestial Field
RobloxScreenShot20180324 162444019
Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 5.48.58 PM
  • Bordering next to the trenches between A Frontier of Dragons and Celestial Field
  • Near the fields
  • Bordering the pathways leading to The Town of Right and Wrong
Celestial Peak
RobloxScreenShot20180311 112438851
  • On top of Celestial Peak
Coral Bay
RobloxScreenShot20180310 064337973
  • On the coastlines
Farm Fortress
2018-03-17 (2)
  • Near the pathways closest to the coast
Great Pine Forest
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 5.04.39 PM
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 6.48.26 PM
Rabbit hole Forgoten Lands Blocks road to abandoned orchard
Da screenie
RobloxScreenShot20180310 001025229
  • Near the pond infested with Lakethistle
  • Near the borders of Abandoned Orchard and Great Pine Forest
Greenhorn Grove
RobloxScreenShot20180309 162437579
RobloxScreenShot20180310 155432223
RobloxScreenShot20180311 163216026
  • On one of the hillsides
  • Near Farm Fortress
Hoodlum Falls
Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 1.06.55 PM
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 6.52.05 PM
  • Near the small waterfalls leading into The Far Coast
  • Near The Quiet Field's tower
Pebble Bay
Rabbit Hole
RobloxScreenShot20180311 191411854
  • On the coastlines bordering Farm Fortress
  • On the coastlines bordering Red Ant Cove
Petrified Grassland
RobloxScreenShot20180312 220156961
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 8.18.45 PM
  • Near the ribcage
  • In the grasslands closest to The Far Coast
  • At the "intersection" branching off to the Archaeologist's Tent or the continuous pathway to The Rolling Road
Red Ant Cove
RobloxScreenShot20180309 153009808-0
  • Near the anthills
Rubble Spring
RobloxScreenShot20180608 183201857
  • Near the hole that leads to Collectus
The Deep Forest
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.22.16 PM
  • Near the Red Ant Cove
  • Near the Spirit of the Forest
The Far Coast
RobloxScreenShot20180312 045340116
RobloxScreenShot20180310 131659203-0
  • On the coastlines
  • At the old location where the Coral Giant was originally found; location of the Spirit of the Ocean
The Maze Wood
Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.31.02 PM
Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.53.35 PM
RobloxScreenShot20180310 062316171
  • Surrounded by hedges and trees
  • Near the borders of The Maze Wood and A Frontier of Dragons
  • Near the invisible borders of The Maze Wood and the Abandoned Orchard
The Pits
RobloxScreenShot20180309 190954874
RobloxScreenShot20180314 164015707
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 8.31.16 PM
Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 1.25.24 PM
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 8.10.24 PM
RobloxScreenShot20180310 074619056
RobloxScreenShot20180829 000343445
  • In the open fields of the surfaces
  • On top of The Pits key entrance
The Quiet Field
Screenshot 14
  • On the hillsides of The Quiet Field
The Rolling Road
RobloxScreenShot20180309 145228948-0
RobloxScreenShot20180312 100841623
  • Near the pathway of The Rolling Road
  • Surrounded by the clump of trees at the overlook
Topple Hill
Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 9.11.42 PM
  • In the fields of Dummy's farm
  • Along the pathways to the left of the Dummy's farm
Topple Lake
RobloxScreenShot20180310 195936020-0
  • In the waters of Topple Lake
Twinkling Meadow
RobloxScreenShot20180310 095208025
Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 5.14.17 PM
RobloxScreenShot20180310 201827453
  • In the open meadows


If you prefer to view a map to see all of the known spawns of the Rabbit Hole, click on the map below to see it in full view. Thanks to 1rubberducky2 for doing this out of courtesy~!


  • Despite being called "Rabbit Hole", Rabbits can't be found in this area.
  • Rabbit Hole is the only area in the Frontier to have an increased chance of getting a Treasure Chest.
  • The Rabbit Hole might be a reference to the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland.
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