The Quiet Adventurer is an idle adventurer that can be found standing on a rock near the entrance of The Town of Right and Wrong at Celestial Field.

The NPC does not play an essential role in the Frontier and appears to indirectly reference the monster hunting system revamp that was released during the Otherworld Update.

List of Dialogues

  • "...Hello."
  • "...You must be one of those adventurers who's been helping rid this world of monsters."
  • "...Monsters are a little harder to find nowadays. But hunting them is worth it, they're dropping all sorts of weird new things!"
  • "...Well. Thanks for stopping by."


  • If the player decides to bring a monster to the Quiet Adventurer, the NPC will still retain their idle behavior identical to that of the Guards.
  • The Quiet Adventurer was introduced during the Otherworld Update, alongside with other NPCs, such as but not limited to Monster Enthusiast Marlo, Strangeman, Linkman the Junkman, Vhitmire, and Stick.
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