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{{NPC_template|title1 = Quiet Adventurer|image1 = Quiet Adventurer.png|caption1 = "...Hello."|role = Adventurer|location = Celestial Field|dialogue(s) = "...Hello."
{{NPC_template|title1 = Quiet Adventurer|image1 = Quiet Adventurer-0.png|caption1 = "...Hello."|role = Adventurer|location = Celestial Field|dialogue(s) = "...Hello."

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The Quiet Adventurer is an idle adventurer that can be seen standing on a rock near the entrance of The Town of Right and Wrong at Celestial Field. The Quiet Adventurer is an unidentified adventurer that seemingly acts similar to the player by ridding 'this world' from monsters. The Quiet Adventurer is specifically found near The Town of Right and Wrong to give off a vibe that the players accomplished an achievement by slaying dozens of mobs in the Frontier.

The Quiet Adventurer, implied by its title, is an unknown adventurer who is notably known for his 'socially awkward' behavior or its quiet behavior. The Quiet Adventurer's role is to rid this world of monsters, by slaying them. However, players are not able to test the Quiet Adventurer's capabilities as the Quiet Adventurer will stand in one place and will not be affected by mobs in the areas of Celestial Field.

Players can interact with the Quiet Adventurer, allowing them to gain access to four different pieces of dialogues. Here are the dialogues:


The Quiet Adventurer greets the player at a rather awkward and slow pace.

"...You must be one of those adventurers who's been helping rid this world of monsters."

The Quiet Adventurer implies that the player looks like 'one of those adventurers' who's been helping rid this world of monsters, especially in the Frontier's world.

"...Monsters are a little harder to find nowadays. But hunting them is worth it, they're dropping all sorts of weird new things!"

The Quiet Adventurer states that it is difficult to find monsters after the introduction of the Otherworld Update. The Quiet Adventurer then implies that hunting for specific monsters is worth the player's time and that all mobs are dropping all sorts of weird, random new things.

"...Well. Thanks for stopping by."

The Quiet Adventurer concludes his sentence as an acknowledgment of the player's willingness to stop and interact with him.