The Quiet Adventurer is an idle observer found on top of a small rock outside of The Town of Right and Wrong in Celestial Field.

List of Dialogues

  • "...Hello."
  • "...You must be one of those adventurers who's been helping rid this world of monsters.
  • "...Monsters are a little harder to find nowadays. But hunting them is worth it, they're dropping all sorts of weird new things!
  • "...Well. Thanks for stopping by."


  • The Quiet Adventurer's main purpose in-game is to allude to one of Otherworld Update's major highlights, the revamping of the monster-hunting system.
  • If the player were to be chased by a monster, the Quiet Adventurer will not react in aggression to fend off the mob but instead, retain their obliviousness nearly identical to that of Guards.


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