The Questing Eggventurer, previously known as the Special Badge, is the second badge implemented to the game, Fantastic Frontier. It was added on March 11th, 2019, and since its creation, no one had obtained it up until April 17, 2019. The badge was later made public at the beginning of the Roblox Egg Hunt 2019 event and became inactive after the Egg Hunt event have concluded.

To obtain the badge, the players must interact with the Sad Rabbit in front of Topple Town's gates. After interacting with the NPC and listening to what he has to say, the players will be sent off on the hunt to find the Egg Snatcher running somewhere in Greenhorn Grove. Once the players encounter the Egg Snatcher, the players should kill the thief. After killing the thief and acquiring the Stolen Eggs, the players should return back to the Sad Rabbit and the players will be rewarded the Questing Eggventurer Egg after interacting with the NPC.


In appearance, the Special Badge's old badge icon depicts a human eye with three eyelashes above the eyelid. Other than that, not much can be said about its appearance. The description reads, "This badge is special", stating that the badge is special for unknown purposes before April 17th. Now, the Questing Eggventurer's current icon is the image of the Questing Eggventurer egg, an egg part of Egg Hunt 2019 hosted by Roblox to empower developers across the platform.


  • Its old icon shares a similar icon used to represent Sight Range.
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