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PvcPipe is currently an alt that Spectrabox and/or Gorbachelli shares to assist in the development of Fantastic Frontier.

Join Date & Creations

PvcPipe first joined ROBLOX on July 21, 2010, a month prior from the join dates of the other developers. PvcPipe is not heavily well-known to the community of the Frontier, other than being responsible for providing the decals for the Ratboy Morph Ring game-pass image and the Magic Radio game-pass image. PvcPipe's first published game was known as PvcPipe's Place.

PvcPipe's Place

PvcPipe's Place was first published on April 24, 2012, and its last update was on April 25, 2012, one day after the place was created. For each server, up to six players can play together on one server and this game restricts any useable gears.

When the player first joins the game, they are greeted with a small green baseplate floating in the middle of nowhere with a spawn block, a baseplate, and a row of "soil pots." It is assumed that PvcPipe used this place mainly to create models for it, especially corn, in order to see how it would look like on top of the concealed 'soil pot.' The player also has a bag of corn seeds. If the player drops the corn seed anywhere else other than the 'soil pot', the corn seed will simply stay there before disappearing after a given amount of time. If the player drops the corn seed within the 'soil pot', the corn seed will quickly disappear.

After a given amount of time, the soil will show signs of changing colors, becoming darker and 'nourished', while a green sprout is coming out of the soil. It will then grow some leaves on the stem and quickly produce developing 'corn buds', given an appearance of a cactus. After that, the 'corn buds' will soon grow, as well as the leaves and stem, giving the corn model an appearance of a cactus-like chandelier.


  • It is possible that PvcPipe loves corn, due to the fact that he had created models based on corn, as well as having a place dedicated to the growth of corn.
  • PvcPipe's only other friend is danny102108, a person who has no clear relations to the development of Fantastic Frontier whatsoever. He was later removed from the Friends list of PvcPIpe.
  • He is part of the group known as the "Scripting Helpers" ranked as a Beginner.
  • The only games that PvcPipe obtained badges from are Sword Fighting Tournament and Halloween CTF: Vampires vs. Werewolves.
  • The only clothing he has is the "Limited Edition Halloween Assassin Cloak (Bottom)" and the "Limited Edition Halloween Assassin Cloak (Top)."
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