The Purple T-Shirt is a garment that can be acquired in the Frontier. It can be purchased from the Clothing Seller in Topple Town at a price of 10,000 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring the Purple T-Shirt include but are not limited to:

As its description implies, it is a rare purple short-sleeved T-shirt. Other than that, nothing much can be said about its overall appearance.

Besides being kept for vanity and bragging rights, the Purple T-Shirt may also be used as a "quest item" for one of Giant Toad's Tasks in exchange for a reward. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 3,500 gold.


  • Its rarity is a possible reference to how the color purple is rare in nature.
  • The Purple T-Shirt was originally known as the Purple Shirt before its name was changed during the Otherworld Update.


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