"Something is happening..."

The Power Lamp Surgery scenario is a rare event that can occur upon 'entering' a Pitfall Orb that can be found in various spots of the Nightmare. Unlike the players vs monsters scenario of most Pitfall scenario, the player will assume the role of Mr. Mickey, a medical 'expert' with the unique ability to perform precise and excellent surgeries on Power Lamps. How this works is unclear and unknown to the majority.

After being welcomed and guided by the Lampshade, Mr. Mickey (the player) will be taken to a small room filled with a few hidden Rat Tokens, up to 25 Power Lamps, and a sparkling toaster that allows them to leave whenever they desire to. In order for Mr. Mickey (the player) to successfully complete the surgery, the player must retrieve the correct Power Lamp, avoiding as many fake Power Lamps as possible. There is no known way to differentiate the real Power Lamp from the other ones.

When Mr. Mickey (the player) attempts to examine a fake Power Lamp, it will explode, inflicting a large amount of damage onto Mr. Mickey (the player) before leaving flaming residue for a short period of time, which can further harm Mr. Mickey (the player) if they do not move away from it. Upon finding the real Power Lamp, the Power Lamp will be added to Mr. Mickey's inventory (the player's inventory), and the surgery will be complete. Attempting to collect leftover Power Lamps is considered pointless, as it will only result in Mr. Mickey taking in more damage from its explosion and flaming residues.

Without any armor or healing equipment, it is very likely that Mr. Mickey will fail the task and be forced to quit the surgery or risk an early retirement (death).


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