The Portal Key, also known as the Blackrock Mountain Portal Key, is an item that can only be dropped from the Corrupted Wizard. It is one of the few miscellaneous items that are not categorized under a specific subcategory in the Itempedia. It is also one of the few miscellaneous items that have some usages in-game.

The Portal Key's purpose is to enable the players to be able to access the portal found inside the lair of The Spider's Nest, as well as the portal outside of Blackrock Mountain, nearest to its peak.

In appearance, the Portal Key appears to be made out of bronze-like materials with two radiant gemstones at its center, green and pink respectively. There is also a noticeable gray part of the key, presumably made out of rocks and pebbles.

The key will always be dropped from the Corrupted Wizard, in order to assure that the players will not be trapped in The Spider's Nest for a long period of time or if they sold/dropped it previously.


  • No one knows for sure why the players need a key to access a portal, especially if it does not have any locks.
  • The key's official name is the Blackrock Mountain Portal Key and was shortened down to Portal Key.
  • Before the Otherworld Update, the Blackrock Mountain Portal Key remains a significant miscellaneous item for those who continuously farmed the Corrupted Wizard, also known as the Spider Boss.
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