The Portabato Mushroom is a very common mushroom that can be found throughout the Frontier. They are often seen in large groups at Farm Fortress, Petrified Grassland, Topple Hill, and Topple Town. They can also appear in smaller bulks in other locations that includes the following:

The Portabato Mushroom can also be obtained as a drop from Potatobirds, a common bird species that typically thrives in low-danger zones.


The Portabato Mushroom is a small, stubbed brown mushroom with a small potato lodged deep within its cap. The portion of the cap that partially wraps around the potato can be seen as tilled-up dirt. It is the only distinctive feature of the mushroom that makes it stands out from the rest.

This feature is a benefit to its species in which it can attract 'carriers' to spread its spores to other locations of the Frontier where their species can thrive. This is likely accomplished through attracting Potatobirds to consume the potato on its cap.


Besides being sold at a value of 50 gold, an adventurer can consume the harvestable in order to restore 8 HP back to their health pool. It is currently not used for any trade-offs or quests in-game.


  • The Portabato Mushroom is named for its portability, meaning that it can be carried around. The word 'Portabato' is a portmanteau of the words "portable" and "potato," and is also a play on the name of the common real-life mushroom, the Portobello.
  • The collectible, Western-style Portabatos, are based on this particular harvestable. It is a meal composing of several Portabato Mushrooms that can restore 300 HP back to an adventurer's health pool.
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