The Plaque is an interactive stone 'tablet' that can be read by the players. There are two currently known plaques that can be interacted with in The Nightmare. The first Plaque can be found in The Mansion, specifically where the library room can be found at. From there, players must go up the stairs to the very top of the tower to find the Plaque. The second Plaque can be found after the players had passed through the first Plaque, giving the players another riddle to solve. The plaque can be found on the second floor of the room, 'Inside'.

Riddle Answers

The answers for the first riddle is inconsistent, meaning that it is not the same for everyone in a server. Each player will be given different riddles, telling the players to count a specified object cased inside a magical box found in the library room and the tower in order to get their answers. This is simply a test to test the player's knowledge of counting and their accuracies in counting things. These riddles will either refer to the following specified objects:

  • (Birds) in boxes
  • (Daggers) in boxes
  • (Fish) in boxes
  • (Flowers) in boxes
  • (Mushrooms) in boxes
The answers for the second riddle is consistent, meaning that the answer is exact for everyone in a server. The answer of the second riddle can be found in the Abandoned Orchard. While viewing the warehouse, the players are able to 'read' out the numbers, "4691", from the front walls of the warehouse. (See image below)After inputting the code '4691' into the plaque's answer pop-up box, the players are now able to enter a 'secret' room, a room filled with 'clones' of a well-known NPC, Wonald Izzi Jackson. Nothing else is special about the place, other than a Wonald Izzi Hat can be collected by the players. Despite the lack of content of the room, it has sparked many speculations and theories of the history pertaining Wonald Izzi's role in specific events.

List of Dialogues


  • "Placed throughout these rooms you will find a variety of different objects inside magic boxes."
  • "To proceed, you must provide the door with the count of the specified object."
  • "Congratulations!"
  • "Thank you for counting accurately!"


  • "This forgotten code connects time and space: a numeral link to the old abandoned warehouse."
  • "A wonderful place."
  • "You have found."
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