The Plain Fishmask is a standalone armor piece that fits on the player's head which can be obtained in the Frontier. The Plain Fishmask is one of the few standalone armor pieces that cannot be purchased through any means. It is only obtainable via killing the Parasite, which can be found in the Rabbit Hole during nighttime.

In appearance, the Plain Fishmask is a blue and red-pinkish mask that resembles a fish's face. It features blue scales, red fins, and blunt barnacle-like teeth.

The Plain Fishmask is designed to support all damage-type classes, adding a total of 70 damage points to any weapons used by players. The standalone armor piece also provides a 5% increase to endurance, allowing them to perform actions a little longer.

If the players have no usages for it, they may keep it until one of Giant Toad's Tasks requests a Plain Fishmask in exchange for a reward in return. Besides that, players may also sell it to a selling vendor at a selling price of 950,000 gold.


  • There are no other ways of obtaining this item besides killing the Parasite.
  • The stats provided by the Plain Fishmask reference the various fishes found in the Frontier. Moreover, there are magical fishes (The Fish That Traveled Through Time), fishes that can cover long distances (Gelafish), and any other close-combat fishes. The endurance factor references the player's patience to reel in the various fishes of the Frontier in order to complete a section of their Itempedia.


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