Pitfall Events are small events that can occur in the Nightmare after the release of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. It is a randomly-appearing event that can rarely appear throughout the Nightmare, in specific zones of the Nightmare, such as the Maze of the Root and The Mansion. These events can be accessed after being lured by the 'gravitational force' of the pulsing pitfall orb.

List of Locations

The Pitfall Orbs can be found in several spots throughout the Nightmare that include the following:

List of Possible Scenarios

The Pitfall Orbs can direct the players to different battle scenarios and/or event instances that can vary for each player. These include but are not limited to:




  • The Pitfall Orb looks and acts similar to that of the Strangeman's Orb in the Frontier.
  • The Pitfall Orb will produce a pulsing noise that can be heard by nearby players. It can also be detected after players are being dragged somewhere by an unknown force.
  • The Pitfall Orb's special events include the Democan fight and the Power Lamp Surgery scenario.
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