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In an area known as The Pits lays waste to a lower level, commonly referred to as "The Depths" in which a player is submerged into hell after passing Golem monsters.

In the magma-filled caves underneath the depths of The Pits, 2 common magma monsters resides, being the magma bat and the magma knight, as well as two types of wizards who will teleport you up. The wizard changes depending on day/night cycle.

Loot and Bosses

File:IMG 0578.PNG

The Pit Depth mobs (except the boss itself) drops magma brain chunks while the Magma Knight as a minor chance to drop the Inferno Sword, which sells for 32,000 gold, or useable with its base damage of 72.

The current end-game boss, The Magma Brain, spawns in the magma-filled caves underneath the depths, close to one of the entrances to this cave system.


Name Difficulty Image Details

Magma Bat

File:D5F2Y5WRX Yd0AgFsbhFQ.png
Drops Magma Brain Chunks
Location(s) Below The Pits

Magma Knight

File:B2B rZckSK646yYzgzBbgg.png
Drops Ruby, Magma Brain

Chunks, Inferno Sword

Location(s) Below The Pits

Magma Worm

File:Magma Worm-0.png
Drops Magma Brain Chunks
Location(s) Below The Pits

(Spawned by Magma Brain)

Dark Ghost

Drops Ghostly Chunks, Dark Ghost Mask
Location(s) All Locations (Night)


File:RobloxScreenShot20170721 210615369 (2).png
Drops Golem Core
Location(s) The Pits

Magma Brain

Magma Brain
Drops Magma Brain Core,

Inferno Hammer

Location(s) Below The Pits
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