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Pirates are composed of hostile seafarers most notably found along the coastlines of The Long Coast and shores of Matumada, but may also appear in other zones of the Frontier such as the Twinkling Meadow and The Forgotten Lands.

Pirates can come in several variations, either seen in a red, blue, or yellow attire with a titanium scimitar equipped at-hand. All pirates shares the same attire, comprised of a striped tank top, a bandana, and a pair of beige shorts. A green variation can also be seen in-game, however, is unique from the rest of the Pirates as it possesses a pirate hook and does not share the same reward table held by all three 'regular' variants.

Outside of the Frontier and the island of Matumada, Pirates can also be encountered on the 26th floor of the Otherworld Tower dungeon, 'Criminal Alliance', composed of three Green Pirates and one of each 'basic' color (blue, red, and yellow). Bandits also accompany the Pirates on the floor as well.


Pirates can perform up to three different attacks, all of which are heavily melee-based.

It can either slash the players vertically, or swing its scimitar horizontally at the players, both attacks dealing moderate amounts of damage.

Its 'special' attack is dubbed "Leap," where the pirates will attempt to perform a jump-and-slash combo on the players if they are within close proximity of each other.

Drop Rates

The following pieces of information below are the drop tables shared by all Pirates (with the exception of the Green Pirate). Drop rate percentages shown in this section is accurate to the drop tables provided by the main developer, Spectrabox. Any remarks of the Pirates being able to drop other collectibles outside of the confirmed drop table will be labelled as false information.


  • The Pirate Hook, a miscellaneous accessory added during the Spring Update, cannot be obtained from any of the three Pirates (blue, red, and yellow). It can only be obtained from the Green Pirate.


  • It is one of the few mobs in-game with more than two variations, other examples being the Munsks and Bandits.
  • The Yellow Pirate appears to be left-handed, judging by the way they hold their sword.