• Alias: Pine Giant, Forest Giant, Tree Giant, Deer Giant

The Pine Giant is a hostile giant that can be found in various locations of the Frontier, most commonly in the Great Pine Forest and The Pits. It is described to be a giant with antlers, brown attire, and radiant trees that grow on its back.

It is noted that it is one of the three main giants of the Frontier, the other giants being the Blackrock Giant and the Coral Giant. It is also taken into account that the Pine Giant is seen less frequently than the other two giants.


There are five attacks that the Pine Giant can perform:

  • Leap - Attempts to leap to the player's current location in an attempt to smash the players' heads. Additionally, the wait time between this attack appears to decrease when it is low on health, sometimes resulting in a variant dubbed as the 'rapid-fire leaps.'
  • Quake - Slams both of its hands to the ground, creating a small 'quake' attempting to harm the players.
  • Stomp - If the player is near its feet, it will attempt to stomp on them.
  • Swing - Attempts to take a powerful swing at the player.
  • Swipes - Attempts to swipe its limbs at the players.


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