Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Pine Giant is one of the many elite mobs that can be found in the Frontier. It is known for being one of the three known giants of the Frontier, the other being the Blackrock Giant and the Coral Giant. The Pine Giant resides in the Great Pine Forest, as implied by its name. As of the introduction of the Otherworld Update, the Pine Giant can also be found in The Pits.

In appearance, it is a giant, mutant deer-humanoid-like figure that wanders in an open field at the Great Pine Forest. It has two sets of antlers, as well as a young, yellow tree that grows on its back. It has two hands and two feets that are rather pale. It wears an attire that may be made out of Tall Bear that was slain by the Pine Giant in the past.

There are two known attacks that the Pine Giant will unleash upon the players. The first known attack is swiping its hands towards the player if they are close. The second known attack is leaping towards the player's current location in an attempt to stomp them. This tactic is mainly used if the Pine Giant cannot reach the player in order to attack.

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