The Pig is a large pig that can be found sitting behind the fencelines in Topple Town, near the Red Ogre Inn. At first glance, the Pig does not appear to have a purpose in-game, however, the Pig serves as a 'lost-and-found' NPC that allows players to acquire certain items that can only be obtained once. These items include but not limited to:

If the players were to lose any of the following items mentioned previously, players can simply interact with the Pig and the pig will spit it back out. Other than that, any other items cannot be acquired from the Pig again, whether or not the items were lost due to the game losing connection or the players being killed as they venture throughout the lands of the Frontier.

Do note that the Ancient Key, Mansion Key and Theatre Key are only given back if the players had previously obtained them from their respective mini-quests, and not as a drop from monsters.


  • The Pig is a reference to the pigs found in the other game that Spectrabox developed, Fantasy Island, a showcase that was featured in a Roblox blog.
  • The Pig is capable of interacting with the players via human speech/communication, possibly through its ability of telepathy. This may also be a reference to the talking pig that can be seen in Spectrabox's game, Fantasy Island.
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