The Philmore's Helmet is a standalone armor piece that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be purchased from Vhitmire at a price of 2,600,000 gold, or from Linkman the Junkman at a cheaper price of 2,500,000 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring the Philmore's Helmet include but are not limited to:

In appearance, the Philmore's Helmet is made out of what appears to be purple stones and metals. A small wing-like extension can be seen at the very top of the helmet, presumably depicting the feathers of a creature. Purple glowing dots can be seen on the front of the helmet, encased with the purple metals and stones. Black outlines and strings can be seen on different parts of the helmet.

When equipped, the Philmore's Helmet provides 12 armor points to the players, slightly increasing the players' protections. It also provides 65 additional points to both melee damage and magic damage, increasing the number of damage inflicted on opponents while using melee and/or magic weapons.


  • Like most items in-game, it can be acquired from the Otherworld Tower dungeon.
  • It is the twin helm to the forgotten helmet, Detour Cone.


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