The Phantom Boots is one of the various feet-based equipment that can be acquired by the players in the Frontier. The footwear is sold by the Flashy Gnome Merchant at a price of 50,000 gold.

As its description implies, the boots are completely invisible. When it is worn by the players, the Phantom Boots cannot be seen by the players as it is literally invisible.

The Phantom Boots provides 5 armor points, slightly protecting the player from mobs' attacks. In addition to this, the player will also receive 5 walk-speed points, slightly increasing the speed of the player.


  • The Phantom Boots are invisible.
  • Before the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, the Phantom Boots did not provide any armor points upon equipping it.
  • The Phantom Boots were not very useful as a vanity item since players can click the vanity slot, causing the currently worn armor to disappear.


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