• Alias: Phantom Soldiers, Invisible Knights, Manifesting Phantoms, Lost Minions, Glass Knights

The Phantoms are the minions summoned by The Lost in order to distract and attack the players while they are focusing on the boss. They can only be found in The Lost, the map area where The Lost's boss-fight takes place.

What makes the Phantom unique from other mobs is that it will take an additional 25,000 of extra damage points from each hit - this leads to them being killed in exactly 4 hits regardless of the weapons' powers.


There are four attacks that the Phantoms can perform:

  • Jab - Jabs the players with its rapier.
  • Slash - Slashes the players with its rapier.
  • Threefold Advance - Similar to the Great Scimitar's special ability, the Phantom will perform a continuous melee technique where the rapier will go in three different directions as the boss swings its rapier around.
  • Charge - Similar to the Corrupted Rapier's special ability, the Phantom will charge towards the players with its rapier in an attempt to hit them as it continues to follow the player's footsteps.


Any weapons will do to eliminate the Phantoms as it only takes 4 hits to kill a Phantom, despite their massive health pools. Any weapons that can hit targets quickly and repeatedly are recommended, especially the Frontier Stargun and Salamander.


  • The Phantom is one of the most 'unique' mobs in the game where its health pool is adjusted/altered. Another example is the Racing Clown in the race scenario.
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