The Petrified Grassland is a massive area that can be found in the Frontier. As its name implies, the zone is viewed as a grassland, a large open area covered with grasses. The zone borders many areas including but not limited to:

There are three notable landmarks of importance located in the zone:

  1. Ancient Ribcage - A massive ribcage of an unknown ancient animal can be found in the middle of the zone. It is notably known as a natural spawn-point of the Ancient Titanium Knight.
  2. Archaeologist's Tent - The tent set up by the Archaeologist near The Pits Key Door (the glowing purple door) acting as the entrances of The Pits and Petrified Grassland.
  3. The Pits Key Door - The glowing purple door acting as the gateway between Petrified Grassland and The Pits. This can only be accessed via equipping a Peapod Necklace.

Overall, Petrified Grassland serves as an area where players can participate in a variety of activities that the zones offer, such as its diversity of mobs and/or harvestables that flourish the territories of Petrified Grassland.


  • The word 'Petrified' in its name references the many archaeologist's discoveries that were dug up, referring to the ancient ribcage and several dug-up holes seen along the pathways leading to The Rolling Road.
  • The Petrified Grassland during nighttime is usually described as dangerous as mobs often spawn in this particular area.
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