Pebble Bay is a large body of water that stretches from Starry Point to Blackrock Mountain. Its waters are located in the westernmost region of the Frontier. Pebble Bay borders two other major bodies of waters, those being The Far Coast at its southwestern point, and the The Long Coast (Frigid Waste's coastlines) at its northwestern point.

The overall geography of the coastline can be summarized as a coastline littered with large boulders and small undergrowth, hence its name. The only notable landmark that exists within the territories of the bay is a small, wooden dock, battered by the tides and weather.


Common birds includes:

Common harvestables includes:

Fish native to the waters of Pebble Bay includes but are not limited to:

Mobs indigenous to the region are:



  • Prior to the Otherworld Update, Blue Lanterns and Red Lanterns were notably found here more frequently compared to other coastlines.
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