• Alias: Oddity Caster, T-poser, Wizard Monster, Whisper

The Path Gambler is an odd-looking red idling entity that can be found in several places of The Nightmare, especially in The Grand Hall, The Old Mansion, Meeting Place, and The Supermarket.


There are six known attacks that the Path Gambler can perform:

  • Hand Swipes - If the player is close to the Path Gambler, the Path Gambler will thrust all of their hands towards the players.
  • Explosive Blasts - Casts a spell with random symbols. For the next several seconds, tiny orbs of light will appear around the Path Gambler and explode shortly afterward, dealing heavy damage.
  • Forcefield - Casts a spell with an open circle inside another open circle, producing a similarly circular field around itself and dealing damage to players who are too close to it.
  • Laserbeam Frenzy - Casts a spell containing four horizontal lines, signifying that the Path Gambler will unleash a frenzy of laser-beams towards the players.
  • Reflexive - Casts a spell indicating two arrows pointing at each other, glowing with reflective light. Until the light wears off, the players will receive back the damage they had dealt against the monster.
  • Teleportation - If the Path Gambler does not receive damage or attack for too long, it will extend all its arms outwards and warp away in a puff of smoke.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Path Gambler. Any claims of "missing items" that the Path Gambler could drop will be cast aside as false information.


To kill the Path Gambler, the players should stand far away from the Path Gambler to prevent it from damaging you with its spells, or even far enough where they are unable to even cast the spells . From there, they should use ranged and/or magic weapons to eliminate the mob. The Path Gambler will teleport away if it stops receiving damage for too long while unable to attack, so be sure to continue damaging it periodically so it doesn't do so.


  • The Path Gambler is repeatedly memed for doing the 'T-pose', supposedly asserting its dominance on the players.
  • The Path Gambler is one of the most sought after mobs in The Nightmare due to having the possibility of dropping a Rusty Trophy, one of the rarest collectables of The Nightmare.


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