The Parasite, also known as the "Rabbit Hole Lake Boss" or the Jabberwalker, is one of the few bosses that can be found in the Frontier. It inhabits in the domain known as the Rabbit Hole, a place located somewhere in a different realm. The Rabbit Hole tends to travel across the Frontier each night, similar to how the traveling shopkeepers move around in the Frontier. It was introduced in the 1.10 Update, also known as the Fishing Update.


In appearance, the Parasite resembles a larger Forest Walker without legs, as part of its body is hidden under the water in the lake.


The Parasite has 3 attacks that it will use.

Laser Beam: Deals moderate-low damage and is somewhat difficult to dodge, as contrasted to the Magma Brain's laser, the Parasite's beam travels instantaneously. This attack has very high range.

Mandible Lunge: If a player gets closer to the Parasite, it will lunge its main head towards the player, very similar to the Forest Walker. After using this attack, the Parasite has a movement cooldown of ~4 seconds.

Toxic Cloud: Should a player be within melee range, the Parasite will release a toxic cloud that quickly drains the player's health. The cloud persists for 7-10 seconds.


It is advised to fight the Parasite with a group of players due to its hard-hitting attacks and large amounts of hit points. It should also be noted that the boss only appears during the night and despawns at dawn, giving a limited time to defeat it. High DPS (Damage Per Second) is recommended when fighting this boss to ensure that it is slain on time. Circling this boss to the right might help, keep the distance and make sure you're not too far or too close.

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