The Outlaw's Cap is a standalone armor piece that fits on the player's head that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be purchased at a price of 1,000,000 gold from the Clothing Seller, a vendor that can be found in the shopping district of Topple Town. Other viable methods of obtaining an Outlaw's Cap includes but not limited to:

In appearance, it is a brown cap with a dark blue-blackish eye-hole found within the leathery-like materials of its mask.

The benefit of wearing an Outlaw's Cap is that it provides 50 ranged damage points when equipped, 'upgrading' the damage of any ranged weapons that are used in a player's journey.


  • The Outlaw's Cap was originally only obtainable through purchase transactions from the Clothing Seller.
  • After the Otherworld Update, the Outlaw's Cap was affected by its changes, being able to be obtained in multiple ways that are mentioned previously.
  • The Outlaw's Cap can be seen displayed on a mannequin's head in the Clothing Boutique.


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