The Otherworldly Weaponsmith is a vendor that can be found in The Town of Right and Wrong, more specifically near The Golden Coin owned by Arbewhy. The area itself is located at the Upper District of the sanctuary.

The Otherworldly Weaponsmith is widely known for selling a variety of weapons that have some sorts of special abilities, as well as having a benefit for the player who uses these weapons.

The Otherworld Weaponsmith itself has no gender due to it being hardly human. Its race is unknown, and so is its gender.

The weapons it sells changes each time it becomes day, it will randomly choose four of the weapons below. The Otherworldly Weaponsmith's weapons include the following:

Ancient Treesword
Angel Greatsword
Corrupted Rapier-0
Demon Greatsword
Dragon King's Lance
Fantastic Sword
Jade Superhammer
Rusted Coin Scythe
Zod Sword

List of Dialogues

  • "A fragment of my offerings."


  • How or where he stores his items are a complete mystery.
  • The Otherworldly Weaponsmith was originally known as the "Otherwordly Weaponsmith" before it was later corrected.
  • The Otherworldly Weaponsmith seems to resemble a Geometry Compass.
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