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Otherworldly Knight at Frigid Waste

The Otherworldly Knight, one of the many elite mobs that can be found in the Frontier, is introduced into the Frontier during the Otherworld Update. There are no reports of the Otherworldly Knight being found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon. The Otherworldly Knight is sometimes compared to the 'normal' Ancient Knights and is expected to be tougher than the other five 'main' knights that are seen in the Frontier. The Otherworldly Knight is usually sought after by players for the loots that the players can receive.

In appearance, the Otherworldly Knight wields a long light-blue and black greatsword, as well as having several green plant-like fungi growing on some parts of its head and mouth. It also shares similar color schemes of an Ancient Iron Knight but is simply intoxicated by the light blue colors that the rocks share in the Otherworld Tower. Following its unique design, the Otherworldly Knight is also much larger compared to the 'main' knights.

The Otherworldly Knight have various attacks and can range from:

  • Sweeping the ground in front of it
  • Attempts to slash the player
  • Wield its greatsword on both ends and attempts to slice the player in half
  • Performing an uppercut

Similar to the Inspector, the Otherworldly Knight also plays an ambient music if you come close to it.