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  • Alias: Otherworldly Knight

The Otherworldly Knight shares similar appearances to that of an Ancient Iron Knight and/or the Ancient Cobalt Knight. Unlike the other Ancient Knights, the Otherworldly Knight wields a greatsword made out of otherworldly, foreign materials. Its armor set is comprised of foreign materials from the Otherworld, as well as having three mushroom-like creatures sticking above its mouth and head.

It makes its appearance in various locations of the Frontier, most notably The Forgotten Lands and the Abandoned Orchard. However, it cannot be found in any of the 50 floors found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon -- although a similar knight with a different color palette can be found on Floor 44.


There are five attacks the Otherworldly Knight can perform:

  • Slash - Attempts to slash the player with its sword.
  • Slice -  If the player(s) were to be close to its body, it will begin to wield its sword with both hands at both ends, before attempting to slice the players in half.
  • Stabs - Stabs the ground to the right and left in quick succession.
  • Sweep - Sweeps the ground in front of itself.
  • Vertical Cut - Wields its greatsword vertically in a single direction and land its hit in front of itself.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Otherworldly Knight. Any claims of "missing items" that the Otherworldly Knight could drop will be cast aside as false information.


A popular strategy is where players attempt to find an elevated area or natural barrier that locks the Otherworldly Knight in place. This enables the players to endlessly attack the mob if they are a ranged and/or magic user. If they are a melee user, however, this method would not be beneficial.


  • It is one of the few mobs that were introduced in the Otherworldy Update that cannot be found in the Otherworld Tower dungeon.
  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It plays ambient-like music similar to otherworldly mobs, which is from the soundtracks, "The Fanatics" (Final Fantasy VI).


Otherworldly Knight at Frigid Waste

Otherworldly Knight at Blackrock Mountain