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  • Alias: Otherworldly Batrider, Otherworld Batrider, Otherworld Clapper.

The Otherworldly Batrider are two unknown mobs that combine forces to become known as the Otherworldly Batirder, shortened down to Otherworld Batrider. They can be found on the 41st floor of the Otherworld Tower, Soup, where the players will have to defeat many different kinds of monsters on a small platform.

The bat of the Otherworld appears to look nothing like a real-life bat, with its main differences being that it is blue, possesses two black eyes, and arms acting as wings. It also possesses small claw-like feet at the bottom of its body. The rider riding the bat possesses a sinister face with brown horns and an attire that is presumably made out of wood. There is a small mushroom-like cap above the rider's head.


There is only one attack that the Otherworldly Batrider can perform:

  • Crush - While the Otherworldly Batrider is taking flight, the bat will begin to claps its fists as it flies, attempting to crush the player's head in the process.


It is suggested that the players should eliminate the mob as soon as possible, mainly with the assistance of ranged and/or magic weapons, although melee weapons are also acceptable. Mushroom Parasol is also advised to be used while killing it.


  • The Otherworldly Batrider is one of the few mobs that is comprised of more than one mob.
  • It was introduced during the Otherworld Update.
  • It's the only mob from floor 41 that can't fall off the platform.