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The Otherworld Slug is a standalone armor piece that can be acquired on the island of Matumada. It can only be obtained as a possible reward from one of Giant Toad's Tasks. Besides that, there are no other alternative methods outside of its main source.


In appearance, the Otherworld Slug is a mollusk (slug) from the Otherworld Dimension that appears to be composed of several tough, otherworldly dark purple stones. Its eyes appear to be red and a small white cube can be seen glowing beside the slug's eyes.

Once worn, the Otherworld Slug will take away 5 walkspeed points away from the player, making them slightly slower. To make up for the loss of walkspeed, the Otherworld Slug will provide 200 additional points to magic damage-types, increasing the number of damage inflicted onto opponents while using magic weapons. The Otherworld Slug fills in the Head slot of the player's equipment slot. Besides that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 1,500,000 gold.


  • It was introduced in the Spring Update.