The Otherworld Boots is one of the various feet-based equipment that can be acquired by the players in the Nightmare. It can be purchased from No-Legs in the Inside (Blue Door) at a price of 250,000 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring the Otherworld Boots include the following:

  • A possible reward from the Guttermouth Cells.
  • A possible 'rare' drop from the Path Gambler.

In appearance, the Otherworld Boots appears to be made out of materials originating from the Otherworld Dimension. Purple gems can be seen in the soles of the boots, although it is hardly noticeable. The Otherworld Boots appears to be altered by the Nightmare, appearing more rough and jagged-up.

When worn, the Otherworld Boots will provide 8 armor points, slightly increasing the player's protection. It also provides 3.5% Endurance and 5 walkspeed points, slightly making the player faster than 'normal' players, as well as reducing stamina consumption for all actions.


  • The Otherworld Boots can match well with the Tower Armor set, a semi-completed armor set of the Otherworld Update.
  • Both the Otherworld Boots and the Nightmare Boots are commonly dropped by The Lost's boss. As a result, some players that farm The Lost will often refer it as "Boots" and has since become synonymous with a mediocre reward from The Lost's fights.
  • The Otherworld Boots is a footwear introduced in the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, not the Otherworld Update.


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