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The Ornate Blue Cape is a back equipment that can be acquired in the Frontier. The only way to acquire the Ornate Blue Cape is to defeat at least 5 unique opponents in the Blue Ogre Arena at Blue Ogre Camp. Once the player defeated 5 unique opponents, they should interact with the Blue Ogre found on the walls of the arena, more specifically the Blue Ogre Watcher.


As its description implies, it is a blue cape with an elegant embroidered design. It shares nearly identical appearances to the Ornate Red Cape, its other counterpart.

When worn, the Ornate Blue Cape will simply be shown on the player's back, however, the players will not receive any benefits from the cape, other than showing it off to other players that they were capable of defeating 5 unique opponents in an arena.


  • Before the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, the Ornate Blue Cape was the only reward that can be acquired from the Blue Ogre Arena in Blue Ogre Camp.
  • Players cannot acquire the Ornate Blue Cape from the Pig if it was lost or accidentally dropped by the players.