Orange Orson is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, Topple Town. Orange Orson can be found near the small building across from the graveyard.

Implied by his name, Orange Orson is described as 'orange' due to his orange attire. The name Orson means 'bear cub' or 'bear', although it is unclear how it ties to the character as a whole.

List of Dialogues

  • "A lot of people said my shirt was too orange. I don't care. I wear what I want. Honestly kid, forget the stats, the people, the jerks, and do whatever you want. If a hat looks good, wear it!"
  • "I'll tell you this, just because someone has a castle, doesn't mean they know everything kid. And it doesn't make them your friend, either!"
  • "I've found you can find items with good stats even at the clothing store."


  • All dialogues, if not, most of the dialogues that comes from Orange Orson are good "common sense" advice that players should consider while playing Fantastic Frontier.
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