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Ollie Ozzwald is a vendor that can be found in the town square at Topple Town. Ollie Ozzwald can be found inside his stand, stationed right in front of Realtor Reynold's office building. Ollie Ozzwald is notably known for selling a variety of spectacles, as well as other items that can be purchased by players.

His items and wares include:

Bronze Lantern Large.png
Illuminator's Lantern.png

The name Ollie derives from the meaning of 'symbol of peace' or being 'peaceful', although it is unclear how it ties to the character. The last name Ozzwald may derive from the surname, Oswald, which means 'god' or 'rule', and just like the NPC's first name, it is unclear how it ties to the character.


  • In the update that occurs after the 1.10 (Fishing) Update, it will be possible to acquire the Illuminator's Lantern from the NPC.
  • The vendor's items occasionally rotate, meaning that the player will have to wait every night until the right item appears.