The Old Tin Toy is the first NPC that the players had encountered in the Nightmare. Its first appearance was in the starting room in The Mansion, near The Deli.

The Old Tin Toy claims that the Journeyman is the villain and needs to be stopped at all costs. The Old Tin Toy can be found after unlocking The Vault's door and a series of dialogues are played and spoken by the NPC.

List of Dialogues


  • "I was quite worried you wouldn't show, but here you are."
  • "Greetings."
  • "I am so pleased we have crossed paths."
  • "You see...I am in incredible need of help. My friend has gone missing."
  • "He is a very important friend, but I am very worried he's up to no good..."
  • "His name is the Journeyman. Please, you must find him."
  • "If you think my appearance is odd or untrustworthy, I don't blame you! But hear this- The Journeyman's secret and disappearance is twice as dishonest! He is far more devious than the likes of me or you!"
  • "Please! Nothing could be more important! Find the Journeyman!"

The Vault (Ending)

  • "..."
  • "Surprise!"
  • "I tricked you...! That's right...! Oh- what a horrid thing!"
  • "I'm smiling! I'm smiling because I finally tricked you... And him! I tricked you both! I tricked the Journeyman!"
  • "All you did was make this massive horrible hole! The Nightmare's power! It hasn't lessened at all- It's been growing!"
  • "And what can you do? Ha! What can you do I said!? There's nothing here! Just a massive hole! And a locked door!"
  • "Locked for all of time! The Nightmare's power is growing behind a door you may never open! Leave, leave and remember!"
  • "But when time has taken you, and you have forgotten me..."
  • "My Nightmare will be yours!"


  • It is unknown if the Old Tin Toy will reappear in a later update after the initial release of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
  • The Old Tin Toy was 'friends' with the Journeyman up until the Nightmare incident.
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