Old Brick Bob is notably known as the innkeeper of the Red Ogre Inn at Topple Town. He can be found in the reception area of the Red Ogre Inn where the players will usually notice his presence right at the inn's door. In appearance, he's an elderly man with white hair and a mustache, as well as a red attire with suspenders as his outfit. He also wears green pants and brown shoes.


There are two separate dialogues depending on the time in-game. There's one question that the players can ask.

  • "Welcome to the Red Ogre Inn! If you'd like to stay and rest you'll have to come back at night." (Day)
  • "Welcome to the Red Ogre Inn! It's only 200 gold if you'd like to stay and rest." (Night)
  1. What are these boxes for?
  • "Those are public storage boxes, you can store items in them free of charge. They're pretty small, however, so they won't hold much."
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