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The Noble Blue Flower is an NPC introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update. Unlike most NPCs, the Noble Blue Flower requires the players to grow and cultivate a Noble Blue Seed until it has fully-grown into a Noble Blue Flower. Players may interact with the Noble Blue Flower to get Red Beans, Green Beans, and/or Blue Beans, as well as Litter, depending on the options they had chosen.

In appearance, the Noble Blue Flower is a flower with blue petals. Its stem appears to be light green and its head is yellow, possessing a small joyous face.

List of Dialogues

  • "You... Yes! You are the one who has planted my seed in the dirt. You've given me life adventurer!"
  • "Oh joyous day! My petals fan out and I feel the glorious sun on my face once again!"
  • "Oh a thousand thanks! Now I needn't stay long, my own world calls out to me."
  • "Before I go, adventurer, I must show my gratuity to the one who has sown me."
  • "I can only give you that what I have, but please tell me - what do you truly need?"
    1. "Happiness"
      • "Hahaha~ A simple request. May this gift bring you joy for years to come!~"
    2. "Wealth"
      • "Haha~ Yes of course, your world is material and I have no need for such things. I do hope this satisfies~"
    3. "Power"
      • "Power!~ Yes! Feel the untamed energy erupt!"
    4. "I have all that I need."
      • "Oh, is that it then?"


  • The Noble Blue Flower is one of the few NPCs where players have to perform another activity in order to interact with the NPC.
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