No-Legs is a vendor that can be found in The Nightmare, more specifically a place known as 'Inside'. Like most vendors of The Nightmare, No-Legs sell a variety of items that players can purchase and use in their journeys through The Nightmare.

To get to No-Legs, the players must've pressed the Blue Button, a button that can only be accessed and pressed once the players complete the first riddle in The Mansion's library tower. From there, players must retreat back to the main starting place of The Mansion and head to the second floor and take the door to the furthest right, closest to the stair-step entrance of The Mansion from The Deli. Players would then open the door to the right of the large room and open the door that they first encounter in the narrow hallways. From there, they can now interact with No-Legs after entering the blue door.

No-Legs' Items

No-Legs sells a variety of items that include but are not limited to:

  • Clown Shoes
  • Corrupted Onyx Helmet
  • Corrupted Onyx Platebody
  • Corrupted Onyx Platelegs
  • Court Jester Shirt
  • Fashion Hat
  • Fire Hood
  • Fire Spellbound Mage Robe Bottoms
  • Fire Spellbound Mage Robe Top
  • Golden Salamander Egg
  • Ice Hood
  • Ice Spellbound Mage Robe Bottoms
  • Ice Spellbound Mage Robe Top
  • Nightmare Boots
  • Otherworld Boots
  • Purple Salamander Egg
  • Roadblocks Head
  • Roadblocks Legs
  • Roadblocks Torso
  • Salamander Egg

List of Dialogues


  • "Well! Welcome my man! So good to have a visitor!"
    1. "Are you selling anything?"
    2. "What happened to your legs?"
      • "My legs? Oh... I lost those a long time ago... Hah..."
        1. "That's very sad."
          • "Yes it was, my man. Anyway, welcome to my little place. Enjoy your stay."
        1. "If you don't have any legs, why'd you get the recliner with the footrest?"
          • "Oh, it was just a good deal at the time. Yeah, sometimes I have Mr. Earth put me on the stool instead of here."
            1. "Mr. Earth?"
              • "Oh- uh. Just a friend of mine. I don't know if that's really his name, but it's what I call him. Good man, that guy. Truth is I haven't heard from him in years."
                1. "You're not giving me much information here, croc!"
                  • "Neither are you, man! I don't have all the answers! Now you're welcome to stay, my man, but we gotta drop this!"
            2. "What are you talking about!? How did you even get here? And where are we!?"
              • "Hey man! Chill out! I'm just relaxing here, it's my home, and you're a visitor. You're welcome to stay, but I won't talk about such nonsense!"
                1. "Nonsense!? Nothing makes sense here!"
                  • "Enough! Please, my man. I really can't talk about this."
    3. "Leave"


  • "Mr. Earth" appears to be an entity affiliated with No-Legs in The Nightmare, although it is unclear as to who this entity is.
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