The Nightmare Boss Update is the fourth major content update implemented into the game, Fantastic Frontier. Its initial release was on January 18, 2019, and is a continuation of the Nightmare's lore. The Nightmare Boss Update focuses on the room behind The Vault, and the Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon players will traverse into to put an end to the Nightmare's greatest horror.

Nightmare Boss Update

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  • The door that was once locked in time have now been unlocked -- revealing the Waiting Room that leads adventurers into the Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon. Unlike the Otherworld Tower dungeon, many more players can queue for the same instance!
  • Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon features THE CIRCUS aka Circus boss, a horrific abomination awaiting unfortunate adventurers to enter its domain. It is very late-game oriented.
  • A new shopkeeper, the Frog. The NPC sells various frog costumes and other special items that players can utilize.


  • It is the only known update that acts as a continuation/sequel to a previous major content update.



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