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The Nightingale Mask is a standalone armor piece that can be acquired on the island of Matumada. It can only be obtained as a possible reward from one of Giant Toad's Tasks. There are no alternative methods of acquiring the Nightingale Mask outside of its main source.


In appearance, the Nightingale Mask appears to be an odd, black headpiece with two sticks planted into the sides of the mask. The front view of the mask has a multitude of small, black spots on the front, and a yellow glow comes from the area where the right eye should be. Besides that, not much can be said about its overall appearance.

When equipped, the Nightingale Mask will give 14 armor points, slightly increasing the player's protection. They will also receive an additional 75 points to all damage-types, increasing the number of damage inflicted on opponents while using any weapons.